Want to Increase Your Sales By 1700%

I’ll show a case study of how I helped a client do just that using a simple 3-minute mini-podcasts.

Are you looking to take advantage of your online resources? Would you like to take your presence and turn it into sales, or new customer walk-ins? Today I want to show you an example of how I helped one man do just that. You’ll see how I helped one small business passively increase their Internet based customer growth by a massive 1700 percent, using just five (5) 3-minute mini-podcasts. Not only that, I’ll show you the formula I used so you can do it yourself!

The Internet advertising Wild West.

I speak to a lot of small businesses. In that time I’ve discovered many similar stories – stories of confusion and frustration. Email inboxes and phones bombarded with offers to “Rank #1 on Google” or “Completely SEO optimized websites” or “Guaranteed conversion to sales.” I’ve spoken to people who’ve been taken advantage of, offered incredible results and shelled out big sums just to be left with weak – or sometimes non-existent results.

Well, knowledge is power. Stick with me and I’m going to personally outline some incredibly simple strategies that are effective, but don’t require huge commitments of time or money. Strategies to help you get the greatest advantage from that Internet advertising Wild West.

Passive Income goals.

The beautiful thing about the strategies that I’ll walk you through –they are passive. Once created, they enable you to improve your cash flow or increase new clients coming through your door, with minimal further effort on your behalf.

In this episode, I’m going to walk you through a case study of my client –Dr. Cale Copland, a Chiropractor from Victoria Family Chiropractic in Victoria BC, Canada (www.vfchiro.com). I took Dr. Cale through some simple steps to take advantage of mini-podcasts, something I call an “Audio Attention Grabber” to increase his new clients.

Wondering what Dr. Cale thought? This is a direct quote from the Chiropractor: “Soooooooo appreciative of the work you’ve done!!! It made a massive difference!! SO happy to have be introduced to you.”

When working with Dr. Copland, it was firstly important to outline a straightforward strategy. My client’s goal itself was simple: Increase the amount of new clients coming from the website through the door. He had a website, but wasn’t too sure how to best take advantage of it. Initially I did a little work to clean up his SEO, as well as offer strategies to increase his business through online reviews (I will cover these topics in another article). Lastly, and mostly, I worked with him to create five (5) 3-minute mini-podcasts, to convert his readers and listeners to customers.

The goals of these podcasts were:

  • Build Credibility Quickly
  • Garner Trust
  • Increase Conversions

Building Credibility

Building credibility is vital in an industry where you’re required to have the answers – a tradesperson, a health professional, a consultant. From a layperson’s perspective, one professional is the same as the other – and how do they know if they can trust you? Getting yourself into a position where you’re able to offer some of your knowledge in a confident and concise manner ensures you build credibility in the customer’s eyes. Podcasting enables you to do that, and as you’ll see shortly, I took a very deliberate approach to setting up our client as the expert.

Garnering Trust

Another goal was to garner trust – again, a podcast is an excellent means to do this. When judging whether or not to trust a person, we rely on all sorts of language cues. Choice of words, tone, pitch, delivery speed, and timbre of your voice – all these contribute fundamentally to how much a person trusts you. The challenge of working with text alone is the vast majority of these are stripped away from us – then the only tool we have is word choice! Podcasting is a perfect opportunity to add extra elements and use these to garner trust quickly.

Increasing Conversions

Both of the above lead to one simple, measurable outcome – increasing conversions. Increasing conversions means increasing customers and increasing income – the desired end result!

So what exactly went into the Podcast?

I have a couple of short audio clips below as an example, however the formula for these simple Podcasts / Audio Attention Grabbers are:

  1. Organize a host for the show
  2. Ask an introductory question
  3. Identify and cover 2 – 3 main questions (questions/needs/desires) a client will have
  4. A call to action

Am I really OK?

In the sample audio below you’ll hear below Kimberly (a professional host provided by us) introduce and position Dr. Cale Copeland as an expert in the opening to the interview, where they talk about issues surrounding whiplash. On Dr. Copeland’s site this audio plays automatically, grabbing the listeners attention. You’ll hear how organizing a host for the show creates an atmosphere we’re all accustomed to from radio and other interview programs – it instantly positions you (the content creator) as the expert.

Kimberly quickly gets into mentioning some questions that car crash or whiplash sufferers will have, but she also then hits on a key question that every listener will be having – Am I really OK? This question connects with the listener, as they hit on key problems they will be having themselves. More importantly, you have an interviewer asking Dr. Copeland questions – this immediately positions Dr. Copeland as an expert in the mind of the listener. Of course you also now have an added element of being able to hear the doctor’s voice – the caring, compassionate and friendly nature comes through via the audio.

Next, you can either have the host driving the podcast with questions, or you (the content creator) going through some concerns/questions that people may want to get checked out. This creates an “aha!” moment for a client – you’ve married up their concerns/needs/desires with the information and expertise that you have – thus creating the effect of you as ‘problem solver’ in their mind.

Call to Action

You’ll hear the “Call To Action” in the audio below. This is an important follow-on – strike while the ‘aha’ moment is still fresh for the listener, offering a next step of action. This may be clicking on your email address, picking up the phone, or even following you on Twitter.

It’s as simple as that!

To harness this resource for yourself, I encourage you take advantage of the resources on our page. Increase your number of sales, leads or appointments by checking out our “Audio Attention Grabbers” service.

About the Author

James Martell is the VP of Product Development and a founding partner in jambMEDIA. James has an extensive track record in Internet marketing and digital product development including Ebooks, Podcasts, Courses and Webinars. He has taught tens of thousands of business owners how to market their businesses online through his ebooks, podcasts, training courses, webinars and speaking engagements. After nearly 15 years of online experience, James decided it was time to collaborate with his long time colleagues and helped form jambMEDIA. James is a certifiable car nut, father of four grown children (and grandfather of two beautiful little girls), and has been married to his wife Arlene for almost 30 years. He lives in White Rock, BC, a beautiful seaside suburb of Vancouver on Canada’s West Coast.

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