“Soooooooo appreciative of the work you’ve done!!! It made a massive difference!! SO happy to have be introduced to you two.”

Dr. Cale Copeland
Victoria Family Chiropractic

“I had started and stopped my podcast several times, so I was looking for a way to deliver it more consistently. James and the team at jambMEDIA set everything up for me, handle all of the technical details, and even providing a professional host to give my podcast that extra polish. Now I meet once every two weeks for 30 minutes to record my latest episodes, and they automatically publish it for me on a weekly schedule. They have been great to work with and I highly recommend them!”

Don Campbell, President
Expand2Web LLC.

“As a young industrial company competing in a very old industry, we needed a way to improve our Google rankings, create regular rich website content, generate new leads, and educate/engage existing customers and prospects in a cost effective way. Podcasting has done all of that. We have a steady flow of new leads and have a strong listenership to our all our podcast shows.”

Mike McLean, VP Sales & Marketing
TBF Environmental Technologies Inc.

“I hired jambMEDIA to help launch our business in a new geographic market. Using a combination of podcasting and SEO optimization over the past 6 months we now own top 1 and 2 positions in Google for the top 15 keywords that matter most and our inbound leads have grown 450%.”

Dale Martin Jr.
Martin Brothers Funeral Homes