Starting a Podcast?

Our “Done for You” Services Make It Easy!

We offer the industry’s leading turnkey podcast service, which offers full guidance as a premium service for busy professionals. For those who don’t want to deal with the technical details and hassle of starting a podcast, we offer a paid service and handle all of the responsibilities down to the smallest minutiae. We have podcasting down to a science and require only a minimal time commitment of 30 minutes each week on your part.

You’ll enjoy all of the benefits of hosting your own podcast, while only picking up minor accountabilities as we do the heavy lifting ourselves. Our Done for You services take place in two phases, all of which is organized to make it as easy for you as possible. We’ll assist you throughout the entire process, taking care of the time-consuming details and difficult work, helping you create a podcast that you’ll be proud of and set your business on track.

Phase 1 – Podcast Development

With our 11 years of podcasting experience, we are acutely familiar with each stage of podcast development. In addition to the success we’ve seen with our own podcast, our “Done for You” turnkey podcast services have helped launch more than two dozen successful podcasts, producing over 700 individual episodes.

We’ve been able to help others by honing podcast development down to 176 “to do” items that are meticulously detailed to ensure success. These tasks are managed and performed by 8 incredibly talented individuals including a program manager, writer, graphic designer, voice talent, editor, technician, coach, and a project coordinator, all of whom collectively contribute 80+ man-hours in the launch of your podcast.

  1. Determining Goals and Objectives – To jumpstart the process, we’ll assign you a program manager to work with you on podcast development from beginning to end. But it all begins with identifying your goals and objectives clearly. Common goals include developing your personal or corporate brand, attracting new customers, and becoming the dominate authority in your marketplace.
  2. Developing a Strategy – Once your goals have been articulated, we’ll take the lead in helping you define your marketing strategy. We’ll provide direction in setting the objectives of your marketing campaign and how to best go about achieving them. Our innovative strategies build upon more than 11 years of successful podcasting experience, and we’re experts at collaborative brainstorming that’ll transform your goals into reality.
  3. Identify your Target Audience – The next step is to identify clearly who you are trying to attract into your audience. We’ll develop an audience profile and help you identify the needs and desires of your targeted audience. Additionally, we’ll help you innovate and organize solutions for attracting your ideal listeners.
  4. Establishing a Format – Now that we’ve narrowed down your targeted audience, our next task is to establish the optimal format for your podcast. This means setting the length—typically 15, 30, or 60 minutes long—as well as the frequency, which can be weekly, twice-monthly, or monthly. We’ll help you set your show’s segments and we’ll discuss questions that will help you craft your show’s style. For example:
    1. Will you be the host of your own show?
    2. Are you going to interview guests on your show?
    3. Would you like to have a professional co-host?
    4. Would you like to be interviewed by a professional host, positioning you as an expert? This is the most popular format for podcasts, simply because it’ll position you as an authority on the subject matter in the eyes of your listeners.
  5. Episode Development – Once your show’s format is set, we’ll formulate a series of topics to be discussed. Next, we’ll neatly organize these topics into engaging episodes that will keep your listeners coming back for more.
  6. Graphics – When creating your podcast, we place a great deal of attention on designing the perfect graphics. Precision is crucial when it comes to graphics, since they are often the first impression you’ll present to potential listeners. Effective graphics can give your podcast a competitive edge over other shows, and we are skilled at designing eye-catching graphics that will draw in listeners.Additionally, your graphics will be developed in a wide variety of sizes to match the specific requirements of each of the major podcast directories including Blubrry, Spreaker, Stitcher, and iTunes.
  7. Writing your Podcast – At this stage, we’ll create the text for your show’s graphics and the script for your intro and outro. We’ll also finalize the template for your episode outline and pen the business description for your podcast. Finally, we’ll format your show notes so that your targeted audience can easily find your content.
  8. Intro/ Outro – Developing an intro and outro is an integral component of producing a successful podcast. We’ll write an attention-grabbing script and select and license the show’s music and sound effects. The reading will be performed by one of our professional voice talents skilled at captivating your audience and keeping them tuned in. Following this an experienced editor will mix in the audio and sound effects, leaving you with a state-of-the-art intro and outro of which you’ll be very proud.
  9. Podcast Hosting – You don’t need to worry about hosting either—we’ll arrange and setup hosting specifically for your podcast. It’ll be fast and reliable, and provide you with valuable statistics and analytics that will be used to further promote your podcast.
  10. Syndication – In addition to the production of your show, we’ll manage its syndication to ensure the widest possible exposure. First and foremost, this means preparing your podcast for syndication on the major podcast directories including Spreaker, Blubrry, Stitcher, and iTunes. We’ll provide you with a detailed description of your show, display your graphics, and submit the RSS feed for your podcast.
  11. Coaching – A key element of our professional services is the coaching and ongoing training that we provide. We’re here to provide answers to all of your questions and to ensure that you’re always comfortable in front of the microphone. Besides for our technical proficiency, we strive to make podcasting fun and an enjoyable experience that will be a bright spot in your business schedule.

Phase 2 – Ongoing Episodes

We’re experts at the second phase of podcast development as well—producing ongoing episodes for your show. We’ve produced over 700 individual episodes and have broken down the process into 31 essential “to do” items for each episode that will be performed for you. These tasks will be organized and managed by four different experts on our staff: a writer, editor, technician, and project coordinator, who will be contributing 10+ man-hours into each episode.

  1. Planning Session – We’ll organize a detailed planning session for you. Typically held once a month, we’ll discuss upcoming episodes with an outline for future topics, back stories, questions to be discussed, and ideas for guests. This is also when we will set your show’s schedule.
  2. Scheduling – The program manager assigned to your podcast will handle all scheduling details for your podcast. For example, this involves ensuring that all parties participating in your podcast—hosts, cohosts, and guests—are on the same page and do not have scheduling conflicts with one another.
  3. Episode Outlines – Our staff will develop an outline for each of your podcast’s upcoming episodes, and organize a list of questions to be addressed during the show.
  4. Podcast Recording – We’ll record and monitor your interviews, which means that all you have to do is show up! Our services will make the recording process extremely easy for you, while affording you the confidence that the final product will leave you sounding great. We level the voices to ensure top quality sound recording, and all of our shows maintain a top-tier professional standard for audio quality.
  5. Post Production – Each episode of your show will be professionally produced, which means that all ums, ahs, and silent pauses will be flawlessly edited. We’ll clean up any semblance of background noise and add in the intros and outros seamlessly.
  6. Promotional Materials – We’ll assign your show a professional writer who will carefully listen to each episode in its entirety. This will allow the writer to create a descriptive article for the podcast, as well as material for the podcast’s notes that will be displayed. This will include topics and geographically relevant keywords, as well as a call-to-action with your business name, address, and phone number.
  7. Hosting – After the show is professionally produced and recorded, we’ll upload each episode for you.
  8. Promotion – Beyond producing your podcast itself, we’ll spearhead the promotional elements as well. Your show will have a coordinator who performs a variety of promotional tasks, including publishing, uploading, and adding episodes to your website—with audio player and show notes. The coordinator will also take charge of the syndication process with the podcast directories, and lead the promotional campaigns for your episodes on leading social media sites.

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