What is Podcasting? (and 10 Irresistible Benefits for your Business)

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People have been relying on audio for entertainment and information ever since Edison recorded his “Mary had a Little Lamb” tinfoil cylinder back in 1877. While the medium has changed over the years from wax to vinyl to tape and now digital, the popularity of audio as an information/entertainment media has not diminished among consumers. [ Cont'd. ]

How to Create a Podcast (and Considerations if you're Starting your Own)

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Creating a podcast will allow you to reap unique benefits, including establishing yourself as an expert in your field and attracting new customers. In fact, a recent Edison Research and Arbitron report supports that “podcasting is becoming one of the more viable methods for acquiring and retaining customers.” I've experienced this firsthand for over [ Cont'd. ]

Starting a Podcast? Our "DIY" and "Done for You" Services Make It Easy

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Many business owners are aware that there are key benefits to creating a podcast, but they’re unsure where to begin. There are many compelling reasons why you may be interested in starting a podcast of your own, including the ability to establish your personal or corporate brand, build influence over a trusting audience, and [ Cont'd. ]